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Hi there!

I’m glad you found my website! Next Level Localization is just a fancy name that I coined to identify my game localization services.

I’m Felipe Mercader Martínez and I am highly specialized in game translation and localization, having worked in several game genres and types of project, ranging from AAA titles to indie games, in almost every platform: PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch, Mobile, browser and desktop games. After eight years working as a professional game localizer, I have under my belt more than 175 titles with several million words translated, reviewed and tested. 

I usually work with publishers and localization agencies, and also directly with studios and devsConcerning the genres, I mainly translate RPGs, action, MOBA, tower defense, hack and slash, medieval, fantasy, fighting, strategy, adventure, arcade, CCGs/TCGs, war/military, graphic adventures, and shooter games, but I worked in most genres existing in the market: sports, simulation, educational apps, racing or casino, to name a few.

I offer a wide range of services related to game localization; translation and localization, review, editing and proofreading, LQA testing, LQI reviews, localization engineering, platform terminology certification and project management. Check the services section to see a detailed list of my professional competencesI was born in Spain and I always translate from English and French into Spanish, my native language.

Enjoy your stay and don’t hesitate to get in touch!

What can I offer you? Here are some important reasons to hire my services. Take a look at what I can offer!


Next Level Localization is NOT a Translation agency. For me, every client is a VIP client that deserves a personalized service. Besides my services as a translator and localiser, I am also available to help you with anything you need.

Specialization and quality

Working as an independent freelancer allows me to ensure a quality service. I only translate to Spanish, my native language, and only from languages I am fluent in, which are English or French. I do not use any type of machine translation and I am experienced and qualified in the services I offer.

Solutions and Tips

You can visit the multiple sections with advices and information to improve the quality of the localized product or learn more about internationalization. If you can’t find the solution for your problems in the content of the website, You can contact me directly without any commitment!

Dialogue and rates

The translation rates we offer in Next Level Localization are really competitive. However, each client has a specific situation and I personally negotiate with them in order to adapt myself to their budget and necessities.

Confidentiality and reliability

Which defines my service is the exclusive treatment with the client. Confidentiality issues are regulated by the relevant legislation and at no time will there be a leak of your information. Your information is totally confidential according to the legislation that regulates this professional activity.

Currencies and payments

I work with clients of different nationalities and I adapt to their needs also when it comes to invoicing. At the time of payment you can pay in 3 different currencies: euros, United States dollars or pounds sterling. Different payment methods such as PayPal or bank transfer are also accepted.