Want to know what my clients think of me? Here you can find the feedback provided by indie developers and project managers about my localization services using their own words. Thank you all for the feedback!

I have collaborated with Felipe in a number of Localisation projects. The quality of his Spanish text has always been praised and he has always been proactive, foreseeing possible linguistic issues both in the source and target language, aptly reporting them along with solutions. He has an obvious interest, talent and passion for what he does, which reflects in the quality of his work. Not only that, Felipe is also incredibly reliable and punctual with every single task he is given.

Guilherme Heuer, project manager with AAA experience, QA, Localisation and Game Design

Very clear communication, you’ve gone above and beyond to meet our very difficult deadlines! The translation is a very good localisation. You did your work on time, to an excellent standard, your communication was excellent, and I think the rate was very fair, you could charge even more! I fully intend to work with you on all future projects, if you’re available!

Terry Cavanagh, game developer at Distractionware, creator of Dicey Dungeons

The communication was extremely fluid, and prompt. Felipe was both quick to respond as well as quite detail-oriented. If any of my directions were ambiguous, he would promptly ask for a clarification before diving into the work based on a potential misunderstanding. He also was very dilligent in asking questions about each character’s voice and background, and making sure to check in before picking a Spanish word for something like «Revenant» that is not a native english word, but a loan word from French. The deadline proposed was very convenient, he was very flexible with the time table and if anything, he was waiting on us most of the time. From our perspective, everything was accomplished in a very reasonable amount of time, we had the translated text and translation notes well before our integration deadline.

We have localized Defender’s Quest into 8 foreign languages (Russian, Japanese, Czech, Korean, Spanish, Italian, German, French) using a mix of professional and volunteer fan translators. It is no exaggeration when I say that our experience with Felipe has been perfect.

There are four things I look for in a translator: a quality reading experience for the end-user, high technical accuracy, excellent communication, and good speed. Felipe excels on all four counts. Not only did he provide an excellent localization, he was even able to figure out how to directly insert his translation drafts into the game himself with only minimal instruction for us, something only a few of our other localization teams could handle. He also took great care to pick proper voices for the different characters, all within the bounds of the Spanish language and culture.
I would absolutely recommend working with Felipe for your Spanish translation needs.

Lars Doucet, game developer at Level Up Labs, creator of Defender’s Quest: Valley of the Forgotten

It is a pleasure to work with you every day! Thank you for being such a professional!

SC, project manager at Game Localization Agency

I had the chance to work with Felipe and he is highly-professional. In 2018, he helped me not only to translate a website from English to Spanish, but also to manage technical issues that arose during the project more efficiently. Communication flows very well with him. He is a trustworthy person to work with, no doubt!

Elisa de la Torre Castejón, freelance translator

Felipe has always voiced his interest and expertise in video game translation. We have clients in various industries, video games included. Nowadays, we are focusing on e-commerce and e-tourism clients but we know that we can count on Felipe’s expertise and creativity to translate video games into Spanish as a key value for our business.

Mikaël Le Gallo, CEO at e-Translation Agency by Milega

Feedback and praising comments from Spanish gaming press and Steam users about my localization projects!

I don’t usually pay attention to it, but the Spanish translation is funny and clever! I normally play in English, but I went for Spanish with this one! (Steam user, Dicey Dungeons review)

Brilliant humour and dialogues in Spanish! (Steam user, Dicey Dungeons review)

Superb dialogues! (Steam user, Dicey Dungeons review)

Very cute dialogues! (Steam user, Dicey Dungeons review)

Spanish dubbing is highly professional! (Anthem review in gaming press, Vandal)

The Spanish translation is extraordinary, by the way! (Steam user, Salt and Sanctuary review)

SS tier translation in Spanish! Top localization! (Steam user, Salt and Sanctuary review)

Having the game in Spanish is a blessing! (Steam user, Salt and Sanctuary review)

Finally in Spanish, very good translation! (Steam user, Salt and Sanctuary review)

It’s in Spanish, 100% enjoyable now! (Steam user, Salt and Sanctuary review)

Finally in Spanish, a big thank you to the translator! (Steam user, Defender’s Quest: Valley of the Forgotten review)

Now that the game is in Spanish, it is perfect! (Steam user, Defender’s Quest: Valley of the Forgotten review)